What We Offer

JBC provides development across all phases of delivery. Services include:

  • GoLang
  • .Net
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Mobile
  • Python
  • Cypher
  • Many More

In addition to many languages we support, we also provide the following services surrounding these:

  • API – Client and Server
  • OAuth and ID Servers
  • Custom Desktop and Browser Application development
  • Serverless Services (Lambda, Iron.io, etc..)
  • Infrastructure as Code (terraform, Spinnaker)

Are you needing help with your next project? Looking to hire the best in the industry to help you deliver that next strategic initiative, or looking to provide some breathing room for internal teams? We can help.

Every project we deliver includes a Technical delivery Manager, senior members and remote support or onsite. Our resources are from around the globe and include the best in design, engineering and support.

Projects include:

  • Build and ALM/CI-CD
  • Monitoring
  • Infrastructure
  • Architectural build Outs
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Offsite and onsite HA
  • ETL
  • Data Services
  • Machine Learning
  • Cost and Build Optimizations
  • Security

In a world of consulting, we provide the only unique technical survey that provides you a true 365 picture of your infrastructure, network and stack. We provide technical designs, security concerns and overall topology to drive innovative changes and give you piece of mind for your next milestones.

Our engineers and support team provide 24/7 support with hands on keyboard, triage and live hotline support to ensure your project and team are never down. If you need onsite or remote support we have you covered.