DevOps started with the promise of combining operations and development into a single cohesive set. As DevOps has evolved, CI/CD or Continuous Integration and Delivery has become an important step.

CI/CD otherwise known as “ALM”, if you have been around IT longer than 5 years, is the process by which your Developers, QA, Service Integrations, CAB and Infrastructure all work together in “perfect harmony”.

Through the years from waterfall, to the agile manifesto and now lean process frameworks, we have seen the rise of tools and resources to make smaller chunks of code delivered to your applications and enterprise software in a continuous integrated and automated fashion.

As cloud adoption has risen, so has the multitude of paths one can use to create their CI/CD pipeline. This in turn has led to confusion, fractured process and continuous refactoring.

We provide some great resources below on how to get started using GCP, AWS and taking advantage of popular tools and frameworks, from Jenkins, .Net, Git, Spinnaker, Terraform and many others.

Beyond just the nuts and bolts, it also requires a changing of mindset and culture to improve on your practice. To that end, JumpBox delivers in person training and resources to help your team get up to speed and using modern CI/CD practices quickly with ongoing support.




In addition to these resources, JumpBox Central provides world class architects and data analysis services that include full CI/CD templating, automation and scaled out process frameworks for your teams.

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