JBC Labs offers a highly scalable CI/CD ALM Platform with Kubernetes as a service to allow developers to run container-based applications and scale as needed. Developers and admins can now easily create Kubernetes clusters via an intuitive GUI or APIs. JBC Labs eliminates all other manual management, monitoring and scaling tasks.

Launch and Manage Clusters and Code at Scale

Manages all operational aspects of Kubernetes clusters and your software stack: spawn, monitor, upgrades and scalability, monitoring, health and versioning.

Optimal Performance For Each Specific Workload

Offers developers the flexibility in choosing the relevant cloud instances and storage to ensure optimal performance and high availability along with dns, across AWS, GCP, Azure or Bare metal

Support On-Prem Containerized Workloads

Extend containers-driven strategies to on-prem environments, including edge sites

Zero Learning Curve

Leverage Kubernetes, Docker and YAML GUI and maintain existing practices through an API or UX driven controls.

Speed Up Development of Cloud-Native  and Hybrid Applications

It’s easy and essentially effortless to deliver turnkey cloud-native building blocks to support modern applications on-prem.





Simple Creation, Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance

Launch and scale clusters with your software stack via intuitive GUI or API. Easily monitor cluster and software health and usage and adjust existing clusters to accommodate demand.

Highly Available

Keeps clusters up and running according to defined sizing, even during node failure or maintenance. Our software auto-heals and ensures the master and nodes are never over-burdened.


Build your software stacks with built in conditions, hooks, controls and settings. Define your services and watch your software stack via ELK, Prometheus and your own custom monitoring solutions.

Custom Nodes and Networking

Deploy custom requirements with your own specialized Kubernetes cluster with HIPAA, GxP and SSL Certificates

Execute AI Engine and Continuously Optimize Production Deployment

  • Composer SmartConfig AI Engine uses multi-level supervised learning algorithms to determine optimum app configuration parameters
  • Composer redeploys test instance with new configuration parameters and verifies SLAs met
  • Composer automatically updates production app instance and cluster configuration parameters
  • Composer SmartConfig AI Engine continuously monitors and modifies configuration based on changing loads to meet SLAs

Deployment ALM and CI/CD

Deploy and containerize your existing apps. Deploy code to your nodes and containers via GIT, BitBucket, SVN and any custom code repo. QA and create times releases for controlling costs and standing up Demos and software for specific timeframes or meetings.

Free 30 Day Trial

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